2016 Georgia Games Winners!

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The 2016 Georgia Games took place at Recreation ATL on Saturday July 9th, 2016.
Congratulations to our winners!
IRT Pro – Maurice Miller
A – Bamiki Keita
B – Russell James Scott III
C – Zach Slaney
D – Zach Slaney
45+ A – Kevin Wiley
Men’s A Doubles – Eric Saghini / Kevin Wiley
50+ A Doubles – Felix Akintomide / Lugene Jackson
25+ A Doubles – Bamiki Keita / Yacouba Keita
Thanks to Curly Karmelin and Jason Chan for their work to make this event possible and flow smoothly!

Georgia Players Return From Junior Olympic Championships With Medals

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Marina and Emma Kernan at 2016 Junior Olympics

Two Georgia players are returning from the USA Racquetball Junior Olympic Championships with medals!

The USAR JOC took place in Fridley, Minnesota from June 22 thru June 26, 2016.  Over 200 players aged 18 and under gathered and played in Olympic format divisions in order to determine placement on the USA Racquetball Junior National Team for the next year.

Marina and Emma Kernan (left to right in the picture) took home medals in each division they entered.

The pride and respect of the Georgia racquetball community goes out to these two positive young ladies!

Girl’s Singles – G18/16/14 Friendship:  2nd place
Marina Kernan

Girl’s Singles – 16 and Under Red:  3rd place
Emma Kernan

Junior Mixed Doubles – Combined 18 & under / 16 & under Consolation:  2nd place
Emma Kernan and Nicolas Walsh

Girls Doubles – 16 and Under:  3rd place
Emma Kernan and Alanna Shea

2016 USAR National JO Championship 600x375

2016 Aloha Open – Congratulations to our Georgia Players!

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Aloha Open 2016 logo

This last weekend, 14 players from Georgia represented and played at the 2016 Aloha Open held in High Point, North Carolina.  A little bit over 15% of the players in the tournament were current Georgia residents!

Congratulations to the Georgia women, taking first and second place in the Women’s Open Doubles, completely dominating their competition!

1st place – Kanesha Madison / Tara Borrero
2nd place – Felicia Green / Tami Costanza

Aloha Open Ladies Finalists

Congratulations to the Georgia mixed doubles teams, taking first and second place in the Mixed Open Doubles!

1st place – Maurice Miller / Tara Borrero
2nd place – Kanesha Madison / Danny Smith

Aloha Open Mixed Doubles Open Winners

Congratulations to our Centurion teams (combined age 100+), for taking first and second place there as well!

1st place – Brandon Bryant / Luis George Sr.
2nd place – Marcus Riggins / Wes Wesley

Congratulations to our two Open players that took second place in their divisions!

Men’s Open – Maurice Miller
Women’s Open – Robin Whitmire

Out of 32 possible 1st and 2nd place positions, Georgia players took 8, a full 25% of the possible finals slots!

Great job all!

Portions of this tournament were broadcast live on YouTube by Luis Borrero, but they don’t appear to have been archived as part of his channel.  Many hours of broadcast were delivered by Kamyron Meeks via Livestream.com, and those have been made available on YouTube.

Hope to see you all at the Georgia Games in three weekends!

2016 Georgia Golden Olympics – Racquetball Event in Warner Robins

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The 2016 Georgia Golden Olympics is scheduled for September 21-24, 2016 in Warner Robins, Georgia. The Warner Robins Recreation Department, under the direction of Mr. James Dodson, graciously agreed to host the 2016 event for the 15th consecutive year. This will be the 34th Georgia Golden Olympics event.

Anyone 50 and over can compete in the Georgia Golden Olympics.

All first, second, third and fourth place winners at 2016 NSGA state qualifying games will qualify. Athletes must qualify in each racquetball event (singles/doubles) in which they wish to compete at the 2017 National Summer Senior Games, except when Rule E of the NSGA rules applies. Age division for doubles is determined by the age of the younger partner as of December 31, 2016. Eyewear with lens designed for racquet sports is mandatory, and must be provided by the athletes. Also, athletes must provide their own racquets. Balls will be provided.

Robins Air Force Base will host the Racquetball events.

Open to out of state participants?

Georgia Golden Olympics 2017 National Senior Games

Congratulations to the winners of today’s 2016 IRT Summer Open!

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Congratulations to the winners of today’s 2016 IRT Summer Open!

Pro – Maurice Miller
Elite – Todd Shaw
A – Suman Ray
B – Suman Ray (yes, he entered both and won both, great job!)
C – Joseph Dawson
A doubles – Lugene Jackson / Alex Kerr
B doubles – Alex Martinez / Billy Matthews
Women’s A doubles – Emmalie Kernan / Ursurla Wiley
Mixed B doubles – Emmalie Kernan / Trevor Bell