2019 Georgia Games – Announcement

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2019 Georgia Games

2019 Georgia Games Racquetball Championships
Singles and Doubles Events
Sanctioned by GA GAMES, IRT, USAR


This Event welcomes all Players, including OUT-OF-STATE Players.
Register NOW, Pay at check-in, and you can always make changes.

Date: July 20th and 21st, Saturday and Sunday

Place: Recreation ATL, 754 Beaver Ruin Road, Lilburn, GA 770-676-0435

Sign up WEBPAGE: https://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=30624

Inquiries: Contact Jason Chan, The Event Director
via e-mail to info@recreationatl.com.

Participants are welcome to 3 events.

Entry Fees: $60 first event, $45 second event, $30 third event. Divisions with prize money are $5.00 more. IRT Pro Division: Entry Fee add $10 IRT fee­­

Early Entry Deadline: Saturday 6/22 7:00PM, Early Discount is $10
Regular Entry Deadline: Saturday 7/06 7:00PM, Then Late Fee is $10
Late Entry Deadline: Monday 7/15 7:00PM, Then Extra Late Fee is $15
Last Chance Entry Deadline: To be determined by Director’s discretion

Divisions: IRT Pro SINGLES Division
Singles – Skill levels & Age Groups for Men’s and Women’s
Doubles – Skill levels & Age Groups for Men’s and Women’s
Ladies are welcome to play in Men’s division

Directors reserve the right to cancel /combine events or reclassify players

Format: Single Eliminations for divisions with 7 or more teams
Pool-Play for divisions of 6 teams only
Round-Robin for smaller divisions of 5 or less teams

Awards: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for all played divisions and combined divisions only

Available Prize money: A Total of $5,250.00

Rules: FREE First Time LEM USAR membership.
USAR Official Rules of Racquetball shall apply and players must wear approved eye guards on court.
Out of State Players are welcome to participate.
Doubles teams play the higher skilled player’s division.
Director reserves the right to cancel / combine events or reclassify players.

All Winners referee or find a qualified replacement or forfeited their next match.
All referees receive $5.00 per match after the first required match.
It will be self-refereed for divisions of round-robin, but request for referee is welcome.

Official Ball: Pro Penn PURPLE BALL

Hospitality: Tournament shirt, food and drink provided for all participants. Family and friends of players are welcome.

Sponsorship: Your support will be appreciated and well announced throughout the event, webpage, and all media.

For additional assistance, please contact Jason Chan at 770-676-0435 or at info@recreationatl.com

Fun and Competitive Racquetball Fitness

2019 REGIONAL SINGLES & ATL DOUBLES Racquetball Championships

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Recreation ATL Racquetball Tournament

Racquetball Championships
USAR Sanctioned Tournament

Register Now, Pay Later, You can make changes

Dates: 2019, 4/12 Friday to 4/14 Sunday ( BEFORE EASTER )

Entries: Enter online at R2Sports

via e-mail to info@recreationatl.com

Regular Entry Deadline: Friday 4/5 7:00PM, then Late Fee is $10.00

Late Entry Deadline: Monday 4/8 7:00PM

2019 Regional Singles Titles

Prize Money: A Total of $3,600.00 available

For Doubles Divisions Only: (requires 8 TEAMS minimum or prorated, ALL PRIZES ARE PER TEAM)

2019 HOPE for a CURE Cancer Racquetball Shootout

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Racquetball Fans!!

The 2019 HOPE for a CURE Cancer Shootout is on the books! We are moving into our 11th HOPE event; for which SO many have been helped by our donated dollars! I cannot wait to continue our dedication to the cause.

Our event will be held Saturday, October 19, 2019 at Recreation Atlanta, Lilburn, Georgia. We will have our Fun Mixed Doubles on the Friday night before where we’ve gotten to enjoy the random-picked teams fighting for the gold. It is one of my favorite parts of the event itself.

As in year’s past, each dollar we raise at the HOPE goes to help those who need us. We traditionally have helped those fighting breast cancer, but we’ve changed this by helping those fighting ANY type of cancer… more and more people are needing our helping hands; and we will not say NO! Please come and be a part of this. Whether you are a female player who wants to join the fun, a male player who wants to volunteer to help us run the day, and/or a donor/sponsor who will help us make this happen.

I’ve attached the donation letter to those who are willing to assist. Remember, nothing is too small!!


I appreciate everyone who has taken part in the past, and hopeful that you will continue to do so in 2019!!

See you on the court,

Team Gearbox Racquetball

Join us on FaceBook at Georgia Women’s Racquetball


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2019 regional singles and doubles tournament


The Weekend of 1/25 at RECREATION ATL
Prize Money: A Total of $1,800.00 available

To Join: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=30093


Wednesday Night 6-9 pm, 12-week League with a Play-off, 2/6 until 4/24,
Singles Only, BC and A+,
all RR, one 15-point game,
Medal & Prize Money for 1st and 2nd Place at Play-Off,
No Membership Required, Not obligated to every Wednesday,
Late entries are welcome.

To Join: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=30353

Announcement: 2019 HOPE for a Cure Cancer Shootout

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The 2019 HOPE for a Cure Cancer Shootout is in the books!! We are officially planning our 11th annual event at Recreation Atlanta on Saturday, October 19th!

Did you notice the name change?

For the last 10 years, we have been named HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout. Our funds have helped SO many who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease. However, we have SO many who are affected by ‘cancer’ of many types. This can’t be ignored. Therefore, in our 11th year, we are stepping up and celebrating our fighters of ‘cancer,’ helping those who need us, donating for further research of this terrible disease, and standing in honor of those who we’ve lost!!

We get to do all of this while playing the sport we love!!

Many of you have taken part by playing, volunteering, and/or donating; I hope this year will not be different. We need all hands on deck to continue to make a difference.

See you on the courts!!