2017 Atlanta Open IRT Pro-Am

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The next major racquetball event to hit Georgia courts is the 2017 Atlanta Open IRT Pro-Am. Twenty nine of the top players in the region and the world are already signed up to compete in the International Racquetball Tour‘s pro division.

We are hosting the 3rd annual Atlanta Open IRT Pro-Am November 2 – 5. This event will feature the top pro players from all over the world. We have some really fun activities planned for this event. Raffling 50″ TV, a 50/50 Raffle Prize giveaways, great food, freebies during the pro matches, live DJ, Saturday night party, etc.
There is prize money for Women’s divisions also. Parent/Child Division.

Don’t miss these events:

Wednesday night clinic with Daniel De La Rosa, Time TBD

Thursday – Tournament check in begins. Pro Qualifiers start.
Thursday night Pro-Am Doubles. Top 8 pro players will be paired with sponsors for pro-am doubles. This is a lot of fun to watch.
Thursday night – Meet and greet with the pro players.

Round of 32 begins Friday morning, and runs from roughly 10am – 3pm
Round of 16 begins at roughly 5pm – 8pm

Pro Quarters are Saturday Morning
Semifinals are Saturday Evening
Saturday night party with the pro’s at 9pm(Kane’s Birthday)

Pro Singles Finals
Pro Double Finals

Everyone that enters the club must either be a registered tournament player, or have a daily or weekend pass. Weekend pass is $75, daily pass is $20. Sunday finals only pass is $50.

There is soda, Gatorade, beer and wine available for purchase through the front desk.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Michael Miller

2017 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Racquetball Shootout!

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Sixty eight ladies have signed up to play in the 2017 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Racquetball Shootout!


Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!!

Are you ready??? START TIMES are now available for your viewing pleasure! I have done my very best to accommodate all time constraints.


I have made a change in the playing format. With a few folks unable to play, and some consolidating to only one division, that left us a bit of room to add some playing time. Therefore, I have changed us to 2 games to 15 points (no tie breaker). The way that this works is simple ….. for each game won, the player/team will receive 1 point; and a bonus point if the player/team wins the match.

Any ties will be determined
1. head-to-head
2. if the head-to-head match was a split (being one game each), the winning player/team will be whomever had the most points between the two games
3. if there happens to be a 3 way tie, winner will be determined based off most points among the matches between those 3 players/teams (matches against other teams will not be factored in).

What does all of this mean??? It’s time to PLAY FOR PINK!! There will be a vast amount of playing, so be ready!

Get your Ugly Sweaters out for the Chirstmas Ugly Sweater contest, your charitable souls ready, and come to play!!

I can’t wait to see you on the courts,


PS: For any of you who are around on Friday night (5:30pm) and want to come to the club early to watch our invitational mixed doubles take place, please do! There are only 18 teams fighting for the win!! These are teams put together out of drawing names out of a hat. It’s a blast to watch!

2017 United Healthcare US Open

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Twelve of Georgia’s best will be representing at the 2017 United Healthcare US Open tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October.

Austin Cunningham, Felicia Green, Janice Kennedy, Kanesha Madison, Cecil McNair, Terri McWilliams, Sue Patterson, Chris Poucher, Robin Whitmire, John Wilson, David Wolfson, and Kevin Young take our best wishes with them to this international event!

WRT Grace Warrior Atlanta Open 2017

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The World Racquetball Tour is coming back to Atlanta in September!

September 14-17, 2017
Recreation ATL
R2 Sports Signup Page

With over 60 players registered, there is still time to get signed up!

Broadcast Schedule
Quarter Finals: Friday, 4pm – 7pm EDT
Semi Finals: Saturday, 11am & 12pm EDT
Finals: Saturday, Singles at 5pm & Doubles at 6pm EDT

Jump in on this!

2017 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout

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Our 9th annual HOPE for a Cure event is on the books!! 

This event serves a helping hand to so many who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and need a helping hand with his/her financial obligations.  Additionally, we send funds to local foundations who provide education, and further assistance to those in need.  Could you ask for anything better? 

Because of the HOPE’s growing popularity, we have extended the women’s only shootout from one day to a full weekend!  Our racquetball community has come in strong each and every year, and this one won’t be different. 

Saying this, we couldn’t host this event without donations.  They can come in the form of products (bottles of water, snacks, catered food, etc.), raffle items and/or monetary contributions. 

Please read the attached donation letter, and please consider being a vital contributor this year’s event!!  You can assist by sharing it with your friends, company, business partners, church members, or anyone else you come across.  There is simply no donation that is too small. 

I thank you in advance!

2017 HOPE FOR A CURE – Final

I want extend a HUGE thank you to those who have already reached out and contributed to this year’s event: Donald Williams (Williams Accounting and Consulting), Ashley Nelson (Pensacola, FL), Sweet Home AME Zion Church via Kenta White (Greenville, AL), Gulf Coast Cancer Centers (Daphne, AL) and Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia (Lawrenceville, GA).  We couldn’t do this without the generosity of others!

See you on the court,

Join us on Facebook at Georgia Women’s Racquetball

(Drum roll, please)……………..
2017 HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout is officially on the books for October 20th – 22nd!!
Court time sponsored by our very own Donald Williams! Always our supporter!
Here’s our new agenda:
Invitational Fun Mixed Dubs – Friday, 10/20
Shootout – Saturday, 10/21 (8am)
Player’s Party, Survivor celebration, raffle – Saturday, 10/21 (6:30pm) …
DJ Lou George Sr. helping us show off our sweet dance moves 💃🏼🕺🏽
Continuation of the shootout – Sunday, 10/22🏅🏆
Welcome to our 9th year of helping fighters get through one more day, just a bit easier! ❤
I hope you’re ready! Mark your calendars!