2018 Hope For A Cure – First Info

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Racquetballers and Friends,

Our 10th annual HOPE for a Cure event is on the books!! We are hosting our event at Recreation Atlanta on October 20th this year! I am hopeful that each of you will come out and join the fun!

This event serves a helping hand to so many who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and need a helping hand with his/her financial obligations. Additionally, we send funds to local and national foundations who provide education, further assistance to those in need and research to find a cure. Could you ask for anything better?

Because of the HOPE’s growing popularity, we continue to come to the table with more ways to share the LOVE! Our racquetball community has come in strong each and every year, and this one won’t be different.

Saying this, we couldn’t host this event without donations. They can come in the form of products (bottles of water, snacks, catered food, etc.), raffle items and/or monetary contributions.

Please read the attached donation letter, and please consider being a vital contributor this year’s event!! You can also assist by sharing it with your friends, company, business partners, church members, or anyone else you come across. There is simply no donation that is too small.


Sign up here: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/home.asp?TID=29415

I thank you in advance!

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