Outdoor racquetball requires the competitors to deal with the weather, crowd interaction, and various court configurations in addition to beating the competition.

Tournaments held in the fresh air and bright sunshine take on a whole new atmosphere; generally more social and party-like, often part of larger outdoor festivals or events, but always competitive on the court. The speed and the power of the game played on the hardest of walls and floors, the athleticism of the players (yes, we still dive for balls on the concrete), and the opportunity to hit a kill-shot from 50 feet away make WOR events unlike any the traditional indoor player or spectator has ever seen.

Outdoor racquetball has its own set of proponents that promote the game:
Savannah Outdoor Racquetball
World Outdoor Racquetball

We are currently aware of 5 outdoor court facilities that are listed on our Courts page.
Let us know if you play on one that isn’t listed!

Gordon State College in Barnesville
Boling Park in Canton
Frank Chester Recreation Center in Columbus
Lake Mayer Community Park in Savannah
South Georgia State College in Waycross