Announcement: 2019 HOPE for a Cure Cancer Shootout

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The 2019 HOPE for a Cure Cancer Shootout is in the books!! We are officially planning our 11th annual event at Recreation Atlanta on Saturday, October 19th!

Did you notice the name change?

For the last 10 years, we have been named HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout. Our funds have helped SO many who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease. However, we have SO many who are affected by ‘cancer’ of many types. This can’t be ignored. Therefore, in our 11th year, we are stepping up and celebrating our fighters of ‘cancer,’ helping those who need us, donating for further research of this terrible disease, and standing in honor of those who we’ve lost!!

We get to do all of this while playing the sport we love!!

Many of you have taken part by playing, volunteering, and/or donating; I hope this year will not be different. We need all hands on deck to continue to make a difference.

See you on the courts!!


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