Victories At The United Healthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championships

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Seven hundred and twenty five racquetball players gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 21st annual United Healthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championships. The players entered eighty nine different divisions, which included options for playing based on skill level, age, age and skill level, doubles, mixed doubles, and more.  Twenty three racquetball players that lived in Georgia at the beginning of the year (one moved to Florida over the summer) represented at the event and earned the respect of their peers!

The Georgia Racquetball Players Association would like to congratulate all of our players representing at the event and would particularly like to congratulate those that took home medals for their efforts.

Gold medals

Felicia Green: Women’s Singles – A
Emmalie Kernan: Women’s Age Singles – 24- B
Maurice Miller & Marquis Miller: Men’s Doubles Open
Robin Whitmire: Women’s Age Singles – 55+


Antonio Delgado: Men’s Heroes Singles (Public Service) – B
Donna Jones & Marsha Johnson: Women’s Doubles – B
Jim Voss: Men’s Age Singles – 55+ C
Robin Whitmire & Cindy Tilbury: Women’s Doubles – 55+
David Wolfson & Sal Perconti: Men’s Doubles – 65+


Matt Fontana: Men’s Age Singles – 40+
Matt Fontana: Men’s Age Singles – 45+
Felicia Green & Kanesha Madison: Women’s Doubles – WO/ED
Donna Jones: Women’s Singles – B
Marsha Johnson: Women’s Age Singles – 45+ A
Maurice Miller: Men’s Age Singles – 24-
Michael Miller Jr.: Men’s Age Singles – 35+ A
John Wilson & Andrew Blasquez: Men’s Doubles – C