2016 World Racquetball Tour Atlanta Open

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The 2016 World Racquetball Tour Atlanta Open completed this weekend. Eighty three players gathered from five different countries and seven different US states to play the best racquetball in the area.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

WRT Singles: Andre Parilla

Men’s Open: Shane Karmelin
Men’s Elite: Erick Perez
Men’s A: Russell Scott
Men’s B: Efrain Rivera
Men’s C: Avinash Lavu

Women’s Open: Cristina Amaya
Women’s A: Emmalie Kernan

WRT Doubles: Andre Parilla and Bobby Horn

Men’s Elite Doubles: Erick Perez and Billy Cannon
Men’s A Doubles: Lugene Jackson and Erick Perez
Men’s B Doubles: Julio Fuentes and Sergio Clemente

Mixed Open Doubles: Rafael Filippini and Cristina Amaya
Mixed A Doubles: Emmalie Kernan and Russell Scott
Mixed B Doubles: Andrea Rocha and JT

Centurion Open Doubles: Rhett Rainey and Randy Pores

You can review the backgrounds and social media feeds of the pros that attended here:

We would also like to thank the event sponsors without whom the event could not have taken place:

Grace Warrior Ministries
Fish Strike Force Belize
Recreation ATL
Reaching Your Dream Foundation
Gearbox Sports
World Racquetball Tour
JT Racquetball

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